AfroHealth provides innovative and quality medical devices, medical laboratory, dental equipment, consumables, instruments and hospital furniture to all range of hospitals, clinics, training Institutes, universities and medical centers.

The set up of the after-sales service alongside workshop facilities alms to ensure maintenance service to all equipment we supply that, will consolidate our leadership position.

PARAMEDICAL UNITE :paramedical department

A paramedical is a healthcare professional, predominantly in the pre-hospital and out-of-hospital environment, and working mainly as part of emergency medical services (EMS), such as on an ambulance. The scope of practice of a paramedic will vary between countries, but generally includes autonomous decision making around the emergency care of patients. In some countries 'Paramedic' is a protected title and accountable to a professional regulatory body.

TELEMEDICINE :Telemedicine department

Telemedicine Is the networking of localities In Sudan, to the capital Khartoum in order to provide consultancy services to patients through telemedicine technology. The project has been negotiated and approved by Global Compact to be first funded project in 2016.

Why are we doing telemedicine: Patients from different regions of Sudan suffer in the process of seeking consultation from Khartoum; which Includes transportation, a temporary place of stay, In addition to the consultation fees itself. Taking Into consideration the financial and psychological burdens of these processes, the telemedicine project aims to fully serve these patients remotely.